The Lodge

We offer  eight en-suite  spacious cabins  with awesome views on the lake and the volcano, the garden and the bar and restaurant. The cabins are beautifully designed to blend with the natural setting, with an outer wooden frame and a canvas tented inside. Inside you will find large beds, decked out with plenty of thick layers of bedding to keep you cosy – it can get a little chilly in the evenings by the lake! The roll up netted windows allow for privacy from the outside, and ensure you don’t miss the magnificent scenery while you’re inside! The showers have both cold and warm water.

For guests staying at the Resort, there is a delicious menu available for evening and lunchtime meals. We can cater to specific requirements if you let us know in advance, and can provide a buffet option for larger groups. For visitors just coming to relax at the lake for the day, we offer a lighter lunchtime menu. Please let us know in advance if you would like the full menu available at lunchtimes.

Our licensed bar, has a good range of beers and sodas, enjoy one on the terrace while you wait for your meal, or down on the sun-deck as you dip your feet in the water!!