Safari Packages: Discover Virunga

  • Discover Virunga is a recently launched tour company, running in conjunction with Lake Chahafi Resort. We are dedicated to providing you with an amazing experience of Uganda, from the moment you step out from the airport, through to your next destination. Let us arrange your transport, activities and accommodation, to help you make the most of your trip. Partnered with the Lake Chahafi Resort, the beautiful settting and comfy beds will leave you refreshed and at peace with the world!! We have a vast array of knowledge around the area, and use only the best, most experienced, English speaking tour guides to ensure you have a great time!

    Whether you want a nature filled trip, with safaris in Murchison Falls, and Gorilla Trekking and Golden Monkies in the Virungas, or a cultural experience including local stories and dances, and the Batwa Trail, or a fun and active time of rafting the Nile in Jinja and hiking one of the mountains, or a mixture of everything, we can help!! Have a look through our packages, and drop us a line for more information

    4 day Virungas including Gorillas

    Come and experience the incredible mountain gorillas, which now only exist in three countries in the world. The power and majesty of these gentle creatures will amaze you and is not to be missed. No visit to Uganda is complete without seeing them! We combine a gorilla trek, with a day of chilling out and relaxing at the lake. Our three-day tour will collect you from a location of your choice. Kigali International Airport in Rwanda is the easiest and closest airport to here, at 4 hours drive away. If you are coming via this route, please ensure that you are aware of the visa requirements for entering Rwanda and Uganda. The visa for Rwanda must be applied for and confirmed online before arrival. Please ensure you have this in place before travelling. To enter Uganda, for most Western nationalities, this requires at least 6 months remaining on your passport, and the visa is USD $50 for a once entry visa valid for up to 3 month stay, or USD $100 for multiple entry over 6 months. The visa options will be changing soon, to encompass one visa that covers the three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya for USD $100, valid for up to 3 months.

    If you are entering Uganda via Entebbe, it is approximately 9 hours drive. Depending on the time your flight arrives we could either arrange a hotel stay for you to recover and refresh from the flight, or bring you directly here.

    Once collected, we will bring you to our beautiful lakeside lodge, arrange your permit and transport to see the gorillas, and provide you with activity choices for the 2nd day – you can choose between canoeing on the lake, taking a bike round one of our mapped cycle trails, or a bird watching tour round the marshland.

    You will stay in one of our newly developed self-contained tented cabins (twin or double), and all food will be provided. Relax with a beer from the bar, or on a sun lounger down by the lake.

    Day 1

    Collection from:

    Option 1: Kigali International Airport Rwanda

    Option 2: Kisoro Town

    Option 3: Entebbe International Airport

    (other alternatives can be arranged that may include: chartering a flight from Entebbe to Kisoro by  aerolink , please contact us directly for options and rates)

    Relax by the lake with a cold beer or take a walk around the stunning countryside.

    Dinner at Lake Chahafi Resort

    You will be appointed a private cabin, either twin or double, with views of the lake. The cabins are beautifully designed to blend with the natural setting, with an outer wooden frame and a canvas tented inner. Inside you will find large beds, decked out with plenty of thick layers of bedding to keep you cosy – it can get a little chilly in the evenings by the lake! The roll up netted windows allow for privacy from the outside, and ensure you don’t miss the magnificent scenery while you’re inside!

    Day 2

    Breakfast will be served early so you can get on track with the Gorilla Trek. The lodge is about an hour and a half away from the Gorilla parks, and you will spend between 1 and 4 hours trekking to find them, then 1-2 hours with the gorillas before coming back. We will provide you with a packed lunch to take with you. Dinner will be back at the lodge.

    Day 3

    We have numerous activities available around the lodge and the lake. Take out one of the canoes and explore the lake itself, or one of the bikes and the area around the lakeside. For a small supplement we can offer either a guided cultural history tour or a guided birdwatching tour; this area houses hundreds of different birds, including a variety of kingfishers,  grebes ,ducks, pelicans and the great crested cranes.

    Evening entertainment provided.

    Day 4

    After a leisurely final breakfast for the trip we will take you back down (to?) where you can continue your travels with ease .

    Alternatively, you can choose to extend the safari  by electing more activities specified below ,whatever the itinerary we can help you to have a thrilling safari while in kisoro and to other national parks like Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth , Kibaale or Jinja for water rafting. Drop us a line for a tailor made safari!

    2. The Culture Trail – 10-3 pm (or 3-8 pm):

    Not just for history buffs, this tour will interest and fascinate all. A combination of canoe and trekking, this tour will guide you through the history of the World War one  siege on the area, tell you about real expereinces of the Bafumbira people, include a walk along the edge of the border to Rwanda, and culminate in a performance by local dancers. Includes lunch.

    Choose to take the tour at the later time and combine it with a night’s stay in one of Lake Chahafi Resort’s wonderful tented cabins.

    Golden Monkey Tracking Tour

    Uganda homes one of the last breeding populations of the beautiful endangered species of Golden Monkeys, and at a fraction of the cost of gorilla trekking, taking a tour to see these pretty, characteristic creatures is a perfect addition or alternative to the gorilla trekking, suitable for any traveller.

    While you are staying at Lake Chahafi Resort we can arrange your trip to see the golden monkeys, including the tracking cost, park fees, transport to and from, and a packed lunch!

    Hiking Volcanoes Muhavura, Sabinyo and Gahinga:

    This area houses the stunning scenery of the extinct volcanic range the Virungas, and there are a vareity of trails and hikes you can do to the various different summits, depending on your fitness levels and the challenge intensity you desire!

    Mt. Gahinga 3,474 metres

    From Ntebeko to Mount Gahinga, is the least demanding hike with a summit of 1,100m, and will take approximately 6-7 hours for the round trip. You can expect to see a wide variety of forest birds along the way.

    Mt.Sabinyo  3,645 metres

    Slightly more strenuous is the climb from Ntebeko to Sabinyo, with a peak at 1,300m, you can expect the trip up and back down to take at least 8 hours. The combination of montane forest and moorland along the route makes for an interesting journey, the final part of which is a series of ladder enabled climbs up rock face and at the summit you will be in three countries Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

    Mt. Muhavura 4127 metres

    If you really want a challenge then the climb up Muhavura is the one for you, but the 1,793m ascent over a minimum of 9 hours is worth it for the open views over moorland on the way up, and the small crater lake at the top. Be aware you may feel altitude-related sysmptoms due to the rapidity of the ascent.

    For all three hikes, warm clothes, good boots, a reasonable level of fitness and an early start are recommended. While you are staying at Lake Chahafi Resort, we can arrange transport to and from the hikes, the park fees and guide (all hikes in national parks here require a guide as licensed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority), and a packed lunch!

    The Batwa Trail

    This trail leads along the lower slopes of Mgahinga Volcano to Garama Cave, and provides a much more genuine experience of the Batwa forest culture and traditions. Along with practical demonstrations of various aspects of their lives, such as fire lighting, bivouac building, bow and arrow hunting practice, visitors will also be able to get involved in a discussion of the current situation of the Batwa and how they live now compared to their origins. The day will be rounded off with a performance of Batwa music and dance in the excellently acoustic council chamber of Garama Cave. A good, worthwhile alternative to the slightly tacky independent guided visits, this one is a partnership between the Ugandan Wildlife Authority and the United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda, and approximately half of the fee from the activity goes directly to the Batwa. We can arrange this experience including all travel and park fees for you while you are staying at Lake Chahafi Resort.

    Nature Trails

    If you want something a little less effort intensive than the hikes, there are either the guided nature trails in the national parks, for which we could arrange your transport and park fees and guide, or you could take one of our maps from the lodge and explore the area around Lake Chahafi Resort. Climb up Nyabitare and get a stunning view of Lake Chahafi on one side and Lake Kayumbu on the other, or skirt around the edge of the lakes and see local village life as the people work in the fields, and wildlife that the lake and surroundings offers. There are a number of routes mapped out, try one, or try them all! You’re sure to enjoy the sights!

    Birdwatching and Canoeing/ Swamp Walk :

     If you have a keen interest in birds and nature, then Lake Chahafi is the place to be! A wide range of birds can be spotted on and around the lake, such as the African Jacana, Lesser Jacana, Swamp Warbler, Black Crake, Common Moorhen, Malachite Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Hammerkop, Great Crowned Crane,grebes, Egyptian Goose, Yellow-billed duck, Black Headed Weaver (also known as Dark Capped Weaver). Hire a guided canoe from Lake Chahafi Resort to get maximum coverage of the area and combine the sights from the water with a walk across the land around. Be sure to check out the folder of recently spotted birds kept at the Resort before you go – and see if you can add to the list!

    Spot Fishing:

    With a few remaining mirror carps  in the twin lakes Chahafi and Kayumbu  you can try spot fishing of these beautiful carps at our lake front, more important to know is that the lake is free from Bilharzia and hippos and crocodiles and the water temperature is good for swimming as well!

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